Lewis Family Fundraising: Here's How You Can Help


My incredible mentor, Domenica Lewis, and her husband Jerrold Lewis, are suffering from the startling and heart-shattering news that Jerrold recently received from his doctor.

He has just received a Stage IV Colon cancer diagnosis. They are acting fast and are in the early stages preparing for his treatment to fight his prognosis.

The news is extremely difficult as Jerrold and Domenica are both dealing with the challenges presented by the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the isolation and uncertainty it brings. They face it all while caring for their young two children. They now must brace themselves to cover the cost of medical tests, food, and childcare for the days ahead.

You can imagine how with everything going, this news has rocked their world and sense of security. They have been launched into a land of unknown. But one thing is for sure, love, prayers and words of encouragement from their friends, family, and community are pouring in.

Jerrold spent most of his career in Logistics, his last job was at NetApp (Network Appliance), but he is currently not working. Domenica is a beloved hairdresser and small business owner who is currently unable to work in the salon as well.

The Lewis’ are trying to get into the Berkeley Clinic for the SEF Chemo Treatment, but the financial strain of the treatment is heavy.

I’m reaching out to you and praying for your help in any capacity to support this family in their deep time of need. While I pray you never have to deal with this situation, I urge you to put yourself in their shoes. The heartache Domenica now carries, the fear for her young family, and the worry friends now bear. It's a situation you don't wish on your worst enemy, but we are hopeful in overcoming this and becoming more strongly united because of it. But it takes a village and I hope you'll join us in his fight.

*Adapted from a letter by Natalina Gonzalez Kinnis


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