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I get a ton of messages asking me to share my favorite products and tools so I've put together this list to highlight some of my favorite goodies! This list not only covers my favorite Cleansers, Conditioners, and Stylers - I also share some of my favorite tools on the market as of Summer 2021.


I've included notes about what specifically I like about each of these offerings, so that you can go out and start researching if they might be a good fit for you.


Remember, try to buy a small bottle of product first when you're testing out a new product. Travels sizes are great! Hope you discover something that you love on this list!


NOTE: Upon purchase, please DOWNLOAD THE FILE DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPUTER or mobile device so that you can always have access to it. The download link you'll be provided with does expire so it's important to save the class material so that you can reference it in the future.

Spring/Summer 2021 Favorite Products & Tools Guide

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