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Make this selection if we've worked together previously within the past 12 months. 


Please select this option ONLY IF IT'S BEEN 12 MONTHS OR LESS SINCE OUR LAST SESSION TOGETHER. If you select this option and are not an existing client or it's been longer than a year since our last meeting, your appointment will be updated to a New Client Appointment.


Designed for returning existing clients, this appointment is a full service comprehensive overview of your current routine and goals for your hair. In addition to cleansing, conditioning, styling, and cutting your hair, we'll also chat about about how your home routine has developed over time. 

Our hair and lives are dynamic, so no head of hair is ever the same over time. That's why it's so important to have continued care so that you can experience the best hair of your life on your own terms.

I'll encourage you to take your own photos and videos during our visit so that you can recreate your style simply and easily at home. 

**Please note that while I no longer require vaccination and booster in order to visit, I greatly appreciate if you're able to take a rapid test on the day of your appointment to confirm negative status. This step is to ensure my safety as someone who works with immunocompromised individuals and the elderly. Thank you!


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