Hi, I'm Kia!


Despite the messages that I saw in the media I knew that there had to be other people like me who were looking to be cared for and seen as it related to their hair. It brings me so much joy to deliver that experience to my clients, and to teach other stylists how to open up to the possibilities that open up when you embrace natural texture. 

Sometimes I joke that I became a hairdresser based on stubbornness. When I decided to rock my natural texture full time, I was shocked to find that there wasn't a hairdresser in my area who specialized in working with my unique texture of hair. I decided to leave my 9 to 5 and get my cosmetology license so that I could change the game.  I was stoked! 

I found myself surprised again when the curriculum in beauty school mostly ignored my texture, or treated it as undesirable. That didn't work for me. It did reinforce my belief that all textures deserve love, especially tighter curls and coils.