Sometimes I joke that I became a hairdresser based on stubbornness. When I decided to rock my natural texture full time, I was shocked to find that there wasn't a hairdresser in my area who specialized in working with my texture of hair. I decided to leave my 9 to 5 and get my cosmetology license so that I could change the game.  I was stoked! 


I found myself surprised again when the curriculum in beauty school mostly ignored my texture, or treated it as undesirable. That didn't work for me. It did reinforce my belief that all textures deserve love, especially tighter curls and coils.

At my salon, I strive to make every guest feel heard and seen. We've been taught that our hair is challenging, which is an outright lie. Our hair is versatile and can do the most spectacular things when it's cared for properly.

I believe naturally derived ingredients are best, and that you don't have to harm the planet or yourself to have great hair. I believe less is more, beauty comes from within, and that everyone deserves to love what they see in the mirror.