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*This is a replay of the live class recorded Monday 9.13.21*


Microaggressions are woven throughout the beauty industry. They're the sometimes subtle, often thinly veiled ways that marginalized people are degraded on a daily basis. In this class, we'll examine how microaggressions impact the conversation regarding highly textured hair in the beauty industry.


In this class you'll learn:

  • how microaggressions impact our workspaces and clients


  • The subtle ways highly textured hair is devalued in hair education


  • how companies use language to imply straight hair is better


  • tools for self evaluation and improvement


I hope you can join for the live recording of this exciting 2 hour virtual class where I'll cover a range of topics and also engage with you in an interactive series of case studies.


We'll be covering a lot of ground, I'm stoked to share this vital education with you! 



Microaggressions In Salon Culture Virtual Class

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