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It's Always The Right Time To Get Started

Updated: May 18, 2021

It's never too late to start loving your natural texture!

The vast majority of my new clients have struggled with their hair for years, many for decades. They've invested huge amounts of time and money trying to get their hair to do things that it a)wasn't naturally inclined to do b)caused significant amounts of damage in the process. Here are the 3 most common things holding people back from experiencing hair that they love.

1. Unrealistic Expectations / Lack of Education

In sitting down with a client to develop a game plan, I always ask if they've pinpointed any photos that they think will be a good reference guide for me. More often than not, the photos that they show to me look nothing like what their hair looks like. Culturally, we are deeply lacking in solid unbiased (meaning not coming from a hair care company or marketing agency) information about our hair's potential. The reality is that most marketing is designed to promote hair that is straighter, and longer. None of my clients have naturally straight hair, and most of them arrive with unrealistic goals about what products or a single haircut can do to get them closer to that unrealistic goal. Trained stylists can help guide you to be more informed about your own hair, and how to best care for it using tools designed to help it flourish.

2. Unwilling to invest in their hair

We all have different priorities, and I hope to guide my clients to a place of understanding that they need to make their hair a priority if they want to see it at its healthiest. I could talk about this one for hours on end (keep an eye out for that future video!), but you really need to look at where your money goes and if you truly don't have the funds or if you just don't put your hair high on your priority list. Healthy hair requires regular maintenance and excellent health-promoting haircare products. Real talk, if your nails are always done, and your lashes are always done, and you go on regular vacations but getting a haircut "costs too much" then the problem isn't the cost of the haircut.

3. Wasting time looking for shortcuts

It breaks my heart when clients are running in circles using any and every shortcut in the book to try and heal their damaged hair instead of just getting regular CurlCuts and using good products. They don't realize that they often end up spending more time and money to get a bad result, than they would have if they just followed a strong prescribed routine. And yes, this means you the "I saw it on Youtube/Instagram/my friend told me" dreamer who just can't seem to grow your hair or keeps seeing breakage and fallout.

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