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vip session day booking

Exclusive ALL DAY client sessions designed to educate you, and reset your aesthetic.


Have you ever wanted to have the undivided attention of your stylist for a full day so that you can really cover every stage of your hair care overhaul? You want to commit to having the healthiest happiest hair possible, and you want to understand exactly how to make that happen and how to replicate that result at home. In this session, we'll speak in depth about your personal hair journey and history.


I encourage you to bring the products and tools that you're currently using so that we can review the ingredients and performance of each to see if they're really the right fit for you. We'll spend time exploring how your hair interacts with water, and how the products you're using are supporting you in your progress. Your hair and scalp will be detoxed and conditioned using botanically based products so that we have an opportunity to see what your hair looks and feels like when it's as healthy as possible. This involves a hands-on demo where you'll work with your own hair so that you can recreate your new style at home. 

After our session, I'll send you a customized breakdown of exactly what products and tools we used along with suggestions for your home routine. Sessions are held at my private salon in San Jose, CA. *Full day maximum of 6 hours (not including breaks).* Includes lunch

*Sessions Launch July 2022 make sure you're on my mailing list to stay in the loop!

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